It was my first time in Lagos. I've always wanted to visit the city. Aside the hype and frenzy I get from some persons about Lagos, I've known Lagos as the Silicon of Africa, with an increasing number of tech VCs providing value and making strong impacts in Nigeria's recessive economy.

Lagos is inarguably a busy place. This could be because of the hustle spirit and craziness of some of its residents, like experiences on this Twitter Thread.

My purpose of visit was to attend The Tap Into Tech event organized by Black Girls In Tech Nigeria.

With the influence…

The world is evolving faster than ever in this time of digital and industrial revolution. Technology and innovation has influenced all sectors of economic activity.
People now operate in an era of transforming, establishing, and growing their businesses with innovative solutions to meet unsatisfied human wants and needs.

However, the internet has made it possible to research and find solutions to existing problems; one can even create a problem and devise a solution to it.

There’s high access to information and the world of social media has now become; a powerful tool for influencing government policies through public opinion. …

The relationships you keep determines who you are. You're a collection of the five people you spend most of your time with. You'll always have a little or more of their influence on you.

Based on who you want to become, who do you need to meet? Who can help you work toward achieving your goals? What relationship do you need to initiate?

A relationship can change the course of your destiny.

Try to spend quality time with people who are like-minded. Their qualities will rub off on you.

This is my last post under the Finding you series. 💃💃💃

Thank you for always coming back to read.

When starting a business, project or launching a product. One of the most important things to have is a vision and mission statement.

The vision statement includes the company’s desired future position, while the mission statement includes the objectives of the company and the approach (goals) to reach its objectives.

Let’s put it this way; The vision is what you see for the company in the future and the mission is how you will accomplish that vision: the doing.

Below is an example of a mission and vision statement of an organization.
Vision : To raise a community of inspired…

"Hey Precious, where do you see yourself in the next five years?" Someone asked. This question seems simple but most times it’s difficult to answer. What first popped in my mind was a picture of myself working with a community of young people - high school graduates to be specific. This is my dream.

Your dream is something that you have envisioned yourself doing in the future; something you would love to do.

In my last post on finding you, I talked about goals. Goals and dreams work together. After seeing, dreaming or thinking goals help you actualize them.


Who are you? It’s a fact that you’ve been questioned about this, thought about this or read/heard about it.

Finding yourself is an interesting path in life; to discover who you are, what you want and how you go about getting what you want. This exposes you to some part of yourself you didn’t know about. It makes you listen to that inner voice inside of you more often. It makes you think before doing.

It is known that the Japanese are aware of three powers: The sword (power of weapons), the jewel (the power of money) and the mirror…

FemTech Series

Temilade, Gladys, and Amah had started their business when they were in their final year in senior high school, Skye. A fashion company that printed short words about girl boss, feminism, and anything fancy for girls on T-shirts. They added a new feature to their brand; comic books for girls/women in tech.

This was Temilade’s idea. A meeting was held at Amah’s room to debate on this. The T-shirt business was going well. They had customers from around Nigeria and shipped to Albany where their co-workers could sell on Amazon.

The team had grown from 3 to 15 within 4…

Precious John

Teen. Read. Write. UI Design. Code.

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