Who are you? It’s a fact that you’ve been questioned about this, thought about this or read/heard about it.

Finding yourself is an interesting path in life; to discover who you are, what you want and how you go about getting what you want. This exposes you to some part of yourself you didn’t know about. It makes you listen to that inner voice inside of you more often. It makes you think before doing.

It is known that the Japanese are aware of three powers: The sword (power of weapons), the jewel (the power of money) and the mirror (the power of self-knowledge).

The mirror here is the greatest of all powers because it symbolises self-knowledge. With self-knowledge you’ll be guided to use other powers. The mirror itself reflects truth, it shows what exactly is before it.

There are things you must do to help you discover yourself and become the best of yourself.

Setting goals for yourself is one way to self discovery. A goal is what you’re striving at becoming.

When you set goals for yourself, it helps in keeping you focused, know what you’re capable of, and keeps you motivated.

Goals can be short-term or long-termed. They help you focus and work towards achieving anything you set your mind to do.

Your goals will help you have a clear and defined path to follow. Life is a journey, having a goal can help you run with a specific direction of where you’re heading to.

We all have a unique journey. People will find you on your path to achieving success, but they should not define your life for you.

There are different hindrances that will come to make you stop achieving your goals, some are; I can’t , I don’t, I don’t want to or I may not. Some people say I can’t do it without even trying. The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

How do you reach your goal?

  • Get started with what you like doing. Do your best to improve your interest in what you like doing. Set steps (little ones first) to develop your interest.
  • What do you want to accomplish in your life? If you can answer this question, you’ll be able to set goals for yourself. I want to become a software developer but I didn’t study computer science in school. How do I accomplish this? I take online courses to develop my skill in computer science, I attend tech related events to learn about different technologies and also network with developers, I contribute to open-source projects. These little steps will help me accomplish my goal of becoming a software developer.

For the next 3 days I will be writing about finding yourself, as part of Teenovation goal challenge.

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